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How would the iPhone 7 if Apple were a democracy?


Joy of Tech iPhone democratic detail

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A couple of days ago we were surprised by the news of the initiative ZTE and CSX project to create a smartphone from the best ideas from users . However, there is another smartphone that everyone talks about and about which everyone has an opinion of how it could be improved: as you guessed, is the iPhone 7 Apple , which generates hatred and love equally, but leaves no one indifferent. Well, in Joy of Tech , a page and a series of social channels which are published cartoons and satirical commentary on technology, any time you have an idea of how interesting it can be done ask the opinion of users to create a product and created this fun "infographics" lampooning about what would happen if Tim Cook crease iPhone 7 based on requests from fans.

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As you see in the picture, the iPhone 7 "democratic" Joy of Tech has no waste and has been created as many users would like, thinking about the compatibility with older devices, so that no accessory or add -in is obsolete. Of course, to avoid temptations to become a competitive smartphone, the iPhone should have a selector for iOS or Android as appropriate. As you can see not lack ethernet network connector to move faster in the office, XLR microphone inputs to record the best podcasts, or even a direct connection to an electric guitar to create music with powerful iOS apps like GarageBand.

Joy of Tech democratic iPhone 1


Beyond the curious and sympathetic resulting illustration, it shows how difficult it is to gather the benefits that are truly useful to users and, above all, decide which ones should be left behind , as Apple has been always one of the companies that has taken the initiative. Thus, in the 90s it was one of the first manufacturers to introduce the CD standard on computers, and then was the first to remove the floppy drive with the iMac and then the optical drives of laptops (and now touch him to minijack connector ). The own Steve Jobs was very reluctant to be guided by the suggestions of the public or market research. Not in vain his sentence was: "If you ask a user how you want your next computer will only be able to order it faster and cheaper."

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