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The Lost Sound (Private)

The Lost Sound (Private)

The Lost Sound
Thursday, 13 September 2012
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The Lost Sound chorus is a Devon-based auditioned singing group founded by Singing Coach Sandra Smith.  The name 'Lost Sound' relates to the quality of singing that is archaic and deep in our ancestry – and sings regardless of the style of the music. It's the sound behind the singer! It is a quality of pure, full-bodied, conscious singing that seems to be on the decline in today's overly microphoned world. Even many of our young people have lost the ability to naturally project their sound in a positive, free way. Schools are increasingly dependant on amplification for their students to be heard. What's happened to our vocal power?

The name also clearly relates to each individual chorus member's commitment to finding their own 'lost sound' on a personal and choral level, and each singer has experienced the development of many different aspects of their sound-making through our training.

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