Albert Hera Quintet - MONDO VIDEO CLIP

Uploaded By: Albert Hera. Added on: 25 April 2013. Location Italy
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Albert Hera: Voice & Saxophone
Cristina Rulfi: Alto
Ilaria Lorefice: Soprano
Guido Giordana: Baritone
Marco Forgione: Tenor & Human Beat Box

Credits Video Roberto Calosso (

Si ringrazia L'associazione "La Voce in Musica" di Sassari e in particolare Barbara Chocholachova con tutto il suo staff per averci dato la possibilità di registrare questo fantastico video (


Reality is a continuous stream of experiences we try to define and control by creating categories; concepts; labels. A "box" for each piece of reality. But can just a box contain the whole openness, all the facets and slight shades of the World? Is a label enough to summarize the essence of a piece of reality?
Not according to Albert Hera, who always refused to attach any kind of label to his music - and it would be actually hard to force the versatility of his voice into any traditional music label. Thus, the reverses the rules: instead of packing, he uncovers! Each box includes a note that provides the cue to start exploring a particular theme (spirituality, music, earth, each time a different list!) through fascinating choral improvisations, amazing vocal arrangement of pieces that range from jazz to sacred music, and humoristic sketches that directly involve the listeners. Breaking the line that separates the artists from the audience, spectators are in fact brought to the stage to actively contribute to the show, creating each time a unique and tremendously involving experience.