UK a cappella groups

Sound Company

Rehearsal venue: The United Reform Church
Rehearsal venue street: Victoria Road
Rehearsal venue city: Horsham
Rehearsal venue postcode: GU9 7QU
Name of your conductor / musical director: Pat Deeble
Phone: 01798 865518
Description: We sing in four part harmony - lead (tune), tenor, baritone and bass - and most of our time, effort and concentration is on perfecting the Barbershop style of singing and performing. We all firmly believe that our role is to entertain our audience, whoever, wherever and whenever . . . and it's to that end we devote our passion, time and effort! We always sing in harmony - but sometimes our songs are timeless classics, easy-beat, rhythm, spirituals, pop etc
Rehearsal day:
  • Monday
Rehearsal start time: GU9 7QU
Voice parts: Male voices only
Are you always a cappella?: Yes
How do you learn new music?:
  • Teach tracks
  • Ear
  • Music
Looking for new members?: Yes
Located in: Barbershop