It is great news that you’re planning to start a group. It can be hard work but it’s certainly one of the most rewarding things you can do.  In our experience there’s a lot to do in the early weeks and you’ll need to separate the “must do” from the “nice to do – maybe in a few months’ time”.  A broad project plan would be:

  1. Find your singers (don’t be afraid to start off with just a few friends – more will join)
  2. Choose an initial repertoire (making sure not to breach copyright)
  3. Determine a location/format for rehearsals
  4. Brand yourselves: Pick a name/logo/outfit
  5. Launch on social media/website
  6. Produce teach tracks (unless all your singers are incredible sight readers)
  7. Find performance opportunities
  8. Produce a constitution/elect a committee/run an AGM
  9. Get public liability insurance (just in case)
  10. Recruit/review repertoire/rehearse/perform
  11. Repeat 10 indefinitely

Some useful resources to assist with these:

How to lead an a cappella group

Starting an a cappella group (CASA pdf)

Producing an a cappella CD (quite technical)

Brad Stephenson – producer of surprisingly good custom song arrangements at very reasonable prices

A Cappella Arranging (if you want to produce your own arrangements)

A Cappella Warm ups

Choir resources (warm ups)  - useful site for insurance, constitution and other resources - UK’s leading a cappella festival – great for inspiration

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